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All-New, Unique vPC Engineered for High Performance

The ClearCube vPC is an affordable PC solution that scales as your business grows. The 3U ultra-compact chassis, capable of serving both as a Workstation and a rackmount PC, is equipped with all the features and functionalities of a regular desktop. The solution is configurable to support Teradici PCoIP®, Citrix® HDX, VMware® Blast Extreme and Microsoft® RDP network communications protocols that are optimized for remote management. Fully supported by ClearCube SentralTM for brokering connections, it is ideal for organizations needing a platform with multiple, simplified configurations that effectively cater to the diverse needs of task, knowledge and power users.

The vPC delivers results anywhere a low cost and secure computer is needed to replicate the complete desktop experience for enterprises, hospitals, state and local government, financial enterprises, academic institutions and more. It facilitates SMBs to start at the desktop and migrate to the data center as they expand their Centralized Desktop Infrastructure (CDI) efforts. The Patent Pending cooling system provides high reliability while providing a quiet work environment. The vPC has a perfect balance of airflow and silence to handle the most challenging office



Versatile, budget friendly,
flexible solution


2, 4, 6 or 8 externals 2.5”
hot swap drive bays with
two internal 2.5” HDD


Intel® Optane™


Compatible with
ClientCube Family.


Supports VMware®,
CITRIX®, Microsoft®
RDP and Teradici


Patent Pending cooling
system for quiet high
reliability operation


8th/9th Gen Intel®
Core™ and AMD
Ryzen processors

Multiple Configurations and Compute node
At the User’s Desk

Administrators may opt for either Local Workstation or Rack Mounted configuration, while also choosing the single compute or dual compute configurations, each with its unique set of features and capabilities.

Administrators have three options to choose from in the desktop capable configuration platform. They can put the vPC on a desk in a flat or standing position or place the system under the desk to facilitate easy mounting. Thirdly, the vPC can be stationed on the floor which is preferable in situations where there is less space on the user’s desk.

In the Data Center

The vPC allows businesses to scale up according to their needs and this is where its Remote PC functionalities shine. It introduces a data center scenario where administrators can mount the chassis on an industry-standard 2-post rack, or back-to-back on a 4-post rack. Both offer high capacity,
simple assembly, exceptional airflow and easy access to the equipment.

The end user connects to the remote vPC by means of a Thin Client or Zero Client.

The combination of desktop and datacenter allows researchers and implementers to test applications and solutions desk-side and transfer it to the datacenter for a seamless deployment. It also gives IT administrators the ease of supporting uniform base-images across their desktop and datacenter environments, hence allowing easier management of their infrastructure.

a. Single Compute Configuration

The single compute configuration incorporates an Intel® B365 chipset based Micro-ATX motherboard with support for the latest 8th/9th Gen Intel® Coffee Lake (Celeron, or Core™ i3, i5, i7 & i9) processors. Upgrading to a high-performance configuration provides users with a Z390 chipset capable of supporting overclocked processor and memory along with dual GPUs. This configuration can provide a true high-end experience by effortlessly handling demanding tasks such as processing algorithms, animation and video editing. It is also capable of running intensive CAD/CAM engineering software, AI, Deep Learning and dataset processing. Also available are options for AMD Ryzen processors up to Ryzen 7 2700x

b. Dual Compute Configuration

The dual compute configuration is comprised of two Mini-ITX motherboards equipped with one 8th/9th Gen Intel® Coffee Lake (Celeron, or Core™ i3, i5, i7 & i9) processor in each motherboard. User systems run off the same power which gives administrators a vPC boasting a minimalistic design, smaller footprint and minimized power consumption capability. Support for 32GB DDR4 Memory, upgradeable to 64GB on 9th generation Intel® Core™ processors, increases the amount and memory bus of the system for memory-intensive workloads. Harnessing the full potential of 8th/9th Intel® Core™ processors, the configuration further offers functional reliability and dynamic performance. Users receive full frame-rate rendering efficiencies in advanced visual effects, engineering, manufacturing, construction, motion picture and architectural projects. Integrated support for Intel® Optane™ memory and storage technology provides the vPC additional speed benefits and facilitates low latency responsiveness on the accelerated hard disk drives. All these reduce CPU usage and facilitate dynamic throughput performance which deliver the best network experience to the user.

Budget-Friendly Solution

The vPC goes beyond facilitating full desktop performance by increasing asset and data security and overall manageability. It comes with ClearCube EPMTM (EndPoint Manager) Software for added security and Windows Image Management, allowing administrators to utilize it as a regular workstation on user desks without undertaking complex layering, adjustments, verification, and management processes. Organizations not prepared to use it as a Remote PC in the datacenter on account of budgetary reasons benefit from this, which would otherwise involve connecting the system to a Thin or Zero Client. They may reconsider this option upon expansion or structural changes, and this is where the vPC offers businesses total control of how they choose to manage their infrastructure.

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