Ensuring Crisis Readiness In Light Of COVID-19

Life is unpredictable, and we are living in uncertain times with the recent emergence of the novel coronavirus, dubbed COVID-19. Organizations must come up with ways to keep their employees and customers safe while making sure that operations continue to run smoothly. Having their communities’ best interests at heart, many companies find themselves implementing drastic measures such as canceling travel, in-person meetings, and corporate events. Even with business as usual interrupted, you can stay prepared by having a remote work and business continuity plan in place.

In the midst of this virus outbreak, an effective strategy not only protects an enterprise from the worst-case scenario. It addresses challenges in the short and long run, and consists of two key components. The first ensures employee adaptability, giving staff the flexibility to work productively from anywhere. The second maintains the necessary level of control as well as security over user access to corporate resources.

ClearCube remote work solutions enable your employees to work remotely, increase connectivity, maintain productivity, and allow for continuous, secure access to applications across endpoints. You can:


Empower remote teams with a unique digital workspace experience, and deliver virtual desktops as well as applications to practically any device.


Secure all endpoints that
access organizational assets


Accelerate organizational
application performance on remote connections.


Easily scale in order to meet constantly changing remote work requirements.

Set Up Your Teams To Work From Home Or Anywhere

Discover ClearCube’s tips and best practices for facilitating secure access to data and applications on practically any device, over any network, or the cloud.

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90% of companies have restricted employee travel
62% of companies have restricted employee travel